Faithful Attraction: How to Drive your Metal Detector to Find Treasure (E-Book)



Metal detecting is easy — you only need to put the search head in the right place to make great treasure finds

The less easy part is deciding where to put the search head! Research will help the decision but even then you will probably be detecting a very large area of land with a pitifully small search head. Conventional wisdom says that you would have to cover every square inch of a site with a metal detector to be sure of finding all treasure within detection range. This takes a lot of time. Now and again sites are available long enough to be able to complete a thorough search but in most cases they are not. The plough comes along, turns the ground over and you are back to square one! Or the tide comes in, turns the beach over and you are back to square one!

But how do you put the search head in the right place?

Savvy treasure hunters know that there are natural attractive forces anyone can tap into that will drive you and your metal detector to where treasure lies buried. The basically free technology you can use to exploit these attractive forces is given several names but most commonly it is called dowsing. Once you add dowsing to your treasure hunting arsenal you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. As you quickly learn to apply the technology discussed in this manual, your finds rate will rapidly increase beyond recognition…

Faithful Attraction: How to Drive Your Metal Detector to Find Treasure

With over 40 years experience in metal detecting and treasure hunting, the author, David Villanueva, recognized the problem many years ago. Most of the time there is only a small window of opportunity in which to recover treasure. To be consistently successful you need to get in there fast, dig the treasure up and move on to the next site. Rinse and repeat! More than 20 years ago, David discovered part of the answer, when he met British dowser and treasure hunter Jim Longton. Since then practice in the field and exchanges with other successful treasure hunters have resulted in refined technology to the point that David is regularly finding treasure. This book shows you clearly and concisely how, for almost no cost, you too can easily develop your own faithful attraction to treasure.

Contents include:

1. Introduction
2. How Does Dowsing Work
3. Give Us The Tools And We Will Start The Job
4. Selecting a Metal Detector
5. To Bait or Not to Bait
6. Building a Better Gold Trap
7. To Look For or to Unlook For
8. Buying a Better Gold Trap
9. All That Glitters
10. Conclusion
11. Bibliography and Resources

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