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Following on from a previous blog, I am pleased to report that the repair I carried out on my Garrett Pro-pointer has worked and the probe is back in service. There are some YouTube videos which show you how to fix the fairly common falsing problem, which is caused by some bare wires shorting out. So if your probe starts falsing, just search on YouTube for ‘Garrett Pro-pointer repair’.

I picked up this Gold Hunter electronic pinpoint probe as a giveaway when I bought a new Detech Gold Catcher metal detector. It came with pouch and lanyard and you can buy them new, shopping around, for £30 or so, which is good value for money. As my Garrett Pro-pointer was playing up at the time, I put it to use and found it very good on inland sites. Both the sound level and sensitivity are good and the second button allows you to have vibration alone or sound and vibration. It is slightly slower switching on and off than the Garrett, which you may not think is important but the faster you can get your find out of the ground, the more finds you will make. The only real downside I found with this pointer was on the wet beach where it falses so much I found it unusable. But if you are only detecting inland sites and dry beaches, then this probe is great value for money.

Search for pinpointers on Ebay: (affiliate link)

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