Diamond Orbs

In The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Secret Manual, I looked at thermal and electrical conductivity as a possible explanation as to why some metals produce stronger auras than others. What I discovered through experimentation is that different metals produce different auras and fortunately precious metals produce the strongest auras. In other words a smaller amount of gold or silver will produce an aura than is the case with base metals. This stuff is so cutting edge that I’m afraid I don’t know all the answers. I do recall that when I was doing a lot of beach treasure hunting in the summer evenings, when the crowds had left, that coins coming out of the sand were always quite hot to the touch. The mechanism is presumably emission of infrared radiation selectively absorbed by metals from the sun although it could just as likely be metallic interference with the earth’s magnetic field. It doesn’t matter too much, as it is results in finds that we’re after, not a degree in physics. A useful way of comparing metals seems to be thermal and electrical conductivity, I must stress these may not be the only factors or even the correct factors that determine aura strength but they do tie in quite nicely with my observations.

Silver has a thermal conductivity of 420 Watts per metre-Kelvin and an electrical conductivity of 62,000,000 Siemens per metre. Pure copper has a thermal conductivity of 370 W/mk and an electrical conductivity of 59,500,000 S/m. Gold has a thermal conductivity of 315 W/mk and an electrical conductivity of 45,000,000 S/m. Pure copper has conductivities in between gold and silver, however copper is normally found alloyed with zinc or tin forming brass or bronze respectively, which have much lower conductivities, typically a thermal conductivity of 125 W/mk and an electrical conductivity of 15,000,000 S/m. Soil, sand and water have thermal and electrical conductivities around 1 W/mk / S/m or less. Diamond, interestingly has the highest thermal conductivity of any known substance at 1000 W/mk but such an extremely low electrical conductivity it can be considered to be an insulator. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford a large heap of diamonds to test whether they produced auras but I said it might be something worth looking out for. I was sent the photo from a reliable source who claims it is a diamond aura. I must say it is a very unusual aura photo and I haven’t seen anything quite like it before. I would like to see a photo of the diamonds though, which might be available in due course.

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