PERMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Metal Detecting Search Permission Made Easy


Dear Fellow Metal Detectorist,


Where can you legally search without permission?  How do you find the landowner to ask for search permission?  How do you persuade the landowner to give their permission?  These are the burning questions of many participants in the hobby, be they beginner or old hand.

Like you, I wrestled with the permission problem for years, preferring to avoid the issue, rather than tackle it and consequently my finds and my interest in the hobby suffered to the point that I almost stopped metal detecting.  Then it struck me that if I really wanted to get the best out of the hobby, I just had to get out there and obtain search permission.  Once, I set my mind to it and developed a few strategies, I found getting search permission was relatively easy and in no time at all, I had access to an extensive portfolio of productive land.  As a result, I have been responsible for nine reported finds of Treasure and have built up a collection of other coins and artefacts that would be the envy of many.

I have drawn on many years of experience at successfully and painlessly gaining search permission on a wide range of sites both as an individual detectorist and club leader to reveal ALL in this fact-packed book.


  “Just a quick note to say I purchased your “Permission Impossible” book earlier this year. I read it many times, decided on the “project approach”, did my research and spent some time finding the actual landowner. Within 2 days of her receiving my letter, research info and maps, she had invited me to the farm for a chat.

                 The upshot is that I now have my first land – 200 acres of pasture / arable, the farmhouse being a 1620 listed building – with a roman road passing through it, “Camp” marked on one field on an 1803 O/S map, a roman villa recently identified by aerial view in an adjacent field, springs, a Saxon hillfort nearby and significant finds on nearby land over the last decade.

                 So – thanks, who knows if I’d have secured this if I’d not followed your advice, and if I find anything interesting you’ll be the first to know!”

Cheers Paul, UK

  • Where you can legally search without permission (page 5)
  •  Where you can search with a permit (page 6)
  • Where you can search without obtaining permission (page 6)
  • How recovering lost ‘valuables’ can help you gain permission  (page 8)
  • How to track down landowners through local knowledge (page 11)
  • How to track down landowners through public records (page 11)
  • How to write a letter and get it read (page 19)
  • How to correctly address titled landowners (page 21)
  • The rules that will help your case (page 25)
  • A simple search agreement you can use (page 32)
  • Leave this visiting card to reverse refusals  (page 33)
  • Metal detecting on public land (page 34)
  • The direct mail approach to gaining permission (page 37)
  • The project approach to gaining permission  (page 38)
  • How watching the property market can lead to easy permissions (page 43)
  • Volunteering your services to gain permission (page 45)
  • The subsidy approach to gaining permission (page 46)
  • Contact details for major UK Landowners (page 49)

How much is gaining access to acres, or even square miles, of productive metal detecting land worth to you?  Quite a lot I would imagine.  When I first published this book, I found willing investors at £15 on Ebay.  But I didn’t want price to be an obstacle to you gaining great sites and exciting finds, so you can get all my years of experience distilled into this amazing book for only £3.47 (approx. $5.47).

PERMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Metal Detecting Search Permission Made Easy, Soft cover, 210mm x 146mm, 52 pages ISBN: 978-0-9550325-3-0


UK - £2.00 per order

EUROPE - £1.00 per order plus £3.00 per item

INTERNATIONAL - £2.00 (approx $3.50) per order plus £3.00 (approx. $5.00) per item


Price: £3.47

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