Metal Detecting Finds

Biggest Treasure Finds Across the Globe by Michael Bernzweig

You don’t have to play the lottery to get rich. With a LOT of luck and a decent metal detector, you too can join the “winner’s club.” All around the world, there are stories of people uncovering treasure. To some treasure hunters, a find is only as good as its monetary value. But to others, […]

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Gold Test

I changed the bait to gold on the L-rod and spent a further four hours detecting on the same field as the Silver Test (see previous post). The photo illustrates the finds. The first three objects from the left on the top row all have some gold plating remaining, while the fourth object is silver […]

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Silver Test

I had a small pasture field available, which I had searched in the past and made very few finds. The field had just been mown so searching conditions were as good as they could be and I decided to use the field as a test site for natural finds. I was now using a Detech […]

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Unique Metal Detector Finds By Daniel Bernzweig

Sharing stories of unique metal detector finds never gets old.  If you enjoy metal detecting, then hearing what’s been found by others is not only fun in and of itself, but, it also wets your whistle so to speak and gets your mind racing with thoughts of what you might find during your next treasure […]

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The Lost Silver Ring

                I had a distress  call the other day from a guy who had lost his ring in the sea.  Apparently he is a canoeist and was upside down in the water performing an Eskimo roll when his heavy silver ring fell off his finger.  All credit to the man […]

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